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Moi Jetia Ai Jibonor Maya Eri Gusi Jum (When I will leave the fantasy of this life, .. ) ………………
In this extraordinary love song(sad?) the innate lover says - when he will leave this earthly body forever, his most affectionate one should stand aside him in the last journey of his life and shed some drop of warm tears from her heart, and simply doing so his soul will be rest in eternal peace!    

Last year, on 5th November, 2011, the musical legend of Assam Dr. Bhupen Hazarika left his earthly body at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Miumbai, and took his heavenly abode, forever. Thereafter, it was a history created by the people of Assam, the people of North-East India, the people of rest of India & world. In the last journey of this musical legend, from the airport to the Latasil Ground (where his body was kept for people to have a look for the last time and to pay tribute) and then to Jalukbari where he was cremated, millions of people paid him tribute with tearful eyes. It was a record that highest number of people watched the whole programme around the world through different TV channels. Though his beloved one was not present at his last moment, hundreds of thousands of people were with him who loved him much more than themselves, because he was not a single person only for himself but he was for all!

Wife Pryamvada & son Tez Hazarika
But, the question is, why? Why people around the world, from elder to younger, women to men, poor to rich and beyond any geographical border love this Jajabor (wanderer) Assamese balladeer. Was he a magician? Yes, he was! He was not simply a singer who sang beautiful songs. He was far more than that. Not only his songs are touchy, but also the theme of the songs & their simplicity, wonderful arrangements, his mesmerizing voice squeezes everybody towards him. His songs are not limited into some love affairs of a man and a woman. As we mentioned above,  his songs are mostly for common people, beyond any geographical boundaries. He sang the greatest song of this century “Manuhe Manuhar Babe…”. The theme of the song is Human & Humanity. He says – Human should think, look after, understand, and help human, if it is not then who else will do these?   
Tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
This humanist, whom we know as Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, not only wrote songs for mighty Brahmaputra. He wrote songs for mother Ganga, Padma, Godavary, Mississippi, Thames etc. In his songs, we also find the presence of Gorky, Galib, Mark Twain, Places like Ottawa, Austria, Paris, Chicago etc. Wherever traveled, he tried to mingle with the people of those places & their society, culture & history reflects in his songs. He was popular for this universality & ingenuousness in his creations.
On 5th Nov, 2012, it was the first death anniversary of this great humanist of Assam. It is very tough for us to feel that he will be no more to sing beautiful songs! 

Throughout Assam, India & world people who loved & respected remembered him with deep sorrow & emptiness through daylong rituals & other programmes.

Bhupenda! We miss you a lot!


Pic :
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika


Time is sweet! Time is sour! Time is beautiful; also, time is cruel! Time is past, present, & future!
Time is everything! One year has passed by just like a shooting star since 5th November, 2011! This long time is enough “time” to remember & forget lot of things! Yes friend, we are talking about the first death anniversary (not exactly after one year, but the anniversary is observed according to the “Tithi” or a Holy day of Hindu calendar) of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, the legendary musical personality of Assam. 

We know that he was “not only” a singer with a mesmerizing voice; not simply a lyricist who says about Assam & Brahmaputra; not simply a music director-composer, who made Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar-Mohammad Rofi & other great Bollywood singers to sing Assamese songs etc. etc. etc. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika picked the essence, the flavor, the identity of not only Assam, but also the entire North-East as a whole and rendered them in the form of beautiful songs to the world community. He was a complete “institution” & was popular worldwide for this reason!

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was not only a man of music or a man of enchanting voice, but he conveyed the message of peace, love, humanity, and fraternity to the world community. That’s why Bangladesh honoured him with their “Friends of Bangladesh” appellation.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was a true Assamese. There is no such an Assamese song or poem of him where his love for Assam & Assamese along with the other six sisters on North-East is not found! He brought our beautiful cultures, tunes to the world platform. Though for professional reasons he was in Kolkata or Mumbai, his heart was always for Assam and North-East, but, how much we gave respect to this balladeer patriot! He sang whole life for the people of his motherland, but, how sad, how disgusting it is that even after almost one year of his death, our popular Govt.(they call themselves) could not able to make a beautiful cemetery of him as they promised! Few days back, CM Tarun Gogoi declared an Award in the name of him(Dr. Bhupen Hazarika) and also declared that his cemetery will be build with international standard. But, the question is, should we belief him? One year before he made the same promise, and what we can see today? Whether even a single wall has been erected to separate the cemetery from the adjacent highway which are under construction? No! The other things are for your consideration! This is the example our love or respect to a legend!

We are forgetful, selfish people! That’s because at the very outset we’ve started with the word time! We usually forget “time”, so “time” forgets us! Time never spares anybody!

Anyway, in the auspicious occasion of first death anniversary (yesterday, 25th October) of our beloved singer (in a single word) Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, we remember him with our utmost love & respect from our innermost soul. For the first time after his demise, Priyamvada Hazarika, the beloved wife of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika along with her son Tez Hazarika, arrived in Guwahati to join in the rituals with their other family members.

May he rest in peace! His message of fraternity should reach to the heart of the people of the world; and with that hope ……………………………… we love you, we miss you Bhupenda!